We Are Not Alone

The Bigger Picture
Director: Pere Joan Ventura | Year: 2015 | Length: 78 min
Language: Spanish with English subtitles | Certificate: null

After the 2008 economic crisis in Spain and the aggressive austerity that followed, millions of Spaniards took to the streets to protest against waves of cuts, privatizations and evictions. We Are Not Alone is a sampler of the different social movements involved, their effectiveness, and the government repression they face.

The most well known is the May 15 movement, a spontaneous association of protestors arguing for more direct democracy and against corruption in the political and financial world.

Associated with May 15, we encounter feminist groups fighting new anti-abortion legislation, an elderly man who has dedicated his life to producing protest signs, and an activist opera company that parodies the housing bubble. We also see a number of “performances” by Flo6x8, a collective that uses music and dance to scrutinize the banking world, in situ.

Taken together, these short portraits show that the concerned and angry citizens of Spain are not alone.

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