White Plastic Sky

Shared Planet
Closed Captions
Director: Tibor Bánóczki, Sarolta Szabó | Countries of production: Hungary, Slovakia | Year: 2023 | Length: 111 min
Language: Hungarian with English subtitles | Age: 12+ years
Genres: Animation, Fiction | | Regions: Hungary

In this gripping dystopia about life after climate apocalypse, humans can only live until 50 before they are turned into trees.

Budapest, 2123. Climate disaster has rendered the earth uninhabitable, except in one sealed enclave where the last of humanity can be found: yet survival is contingent on every human being turned into a tree at the age of 50. Reckoning with grief, Nora volunteers her body before her time – and her husband Stefan embarks on a dangerous journey across the earth’s barren landscape to save her life. A spectacular, rotoscoped sci-fi odyssey imagining how we come back from the brink.


Content notes: Contains depictions of suicide, surgery, blood, human remains, infant and adult death.

Access notes: Mixture of bright and dark images, with consistent dialogue throughout. Gentle ambient music throughout, with loud music and flickering lights in one scene near the beginning of the film (00:13).

Screening as part of #TOAFF23