Stronger than the Storms
Christian Aid | 2018
United Kingdom | 4 min | 5+ years | English | Subtitles

Super-heroes are often in disguise – but we found two of them! Find out how Zaza and Jephthe have used their strength to overcome powerful forces that destroyed their homes

Vilia’s Storm
Christian Aid | 2018
United Kingdom | 6 min | 8+ years | Creole with English subtitles | Subtitles

When Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti in 2016, Vilia’s house saved more than fifty lives. This campaign film from Christian Aid follows Vilia’s story and shows the need to practical support in fighting global poverty.

Here For You
Christian Aid | 2017
United Kingdom | 2 min | 12+ years | English

Looking for a bank that will always put your interests first and refuses to invest in archaic fossil fuel technology? Us too. Powerful campaign film from Christian Aid

Save The Arctic
Greenpeace | 2014
New Zealand | 1 min | English

The Arctic is slowly melting, a process being sped on by the corporate greed of many. This campaign film from Greenpeace calls to make the Arctic a unique and protected nature reserve.