Susan’s Story
Waverley Care | 2013
United Kingdom | 4 min | 12+ years | English

Powerful film which captures the experience of living with HIV in Scotland, as told by the people themselves

Topics: HIV & AIDS
Back to the Start
Johnny Kelly | 2011
United States | 2 min | 5+ years | No dialogue with English subtitles

A farmer turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory but quickly sees the error of his ways

Free Speech
Tiffany Shlain | 2014
United States | 2 min | 8+ years | English with English subtitles

Global voices gather together and recall the inspirational words of Martin Luther King Jr’s last speech to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Free Speech Movement

For the Love of…
Noel Lyons | 2014
United Kingdom | 3 min | 8+ years | English

Screened as part of TOAFF14

What do you love? And what’s keeping it here? Climate change is impacting many of the things we love and cherish – but there is still hope