Established in 2008, Take One Action is an Edinburgh-based, independent charity founded by film lovers, cultural activists and globally-concerned citizens who believe that shared cinematic experience can catalyse lasting change.

Take One Action exists to make social, global and environmental change more accessible to thousands of ordinary people in Scotland each year, and we rely on support from individuals who share our vision to keep it going.

By making a one-off or monthly donation, you help us to cover the costs of putting on accessible, inclusive events that bring people together to inspire positive social change. 


£5.00 could contribute to tea, coffee and snacks to serve at a workshop

£10.00 could cover a volunteer’s food and travel for a festival shift

£20.00 could cover the cost of 2 tickets through our community ticket fund, which provides tickets for people who may face barriers to our events

£50.00 could contribute to the cost of creating learning resources for the films in our festival programme

£100.00 could cover the cost of a campaigner or changemaker to come and speak at one of our events

£200.00 could cover the cost of creating captions for D/deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences for 1 film

£500.00 could sponsor screenings of a social justice film in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen AND Inverness

I think your films are marvellous: the stories of what some folk do and achieve against the odds are what we need to motivate us to join together to make a kinder society and to save the planet.

Audience member, TOAFF21

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