Bikes vs Cars (online screening + conversation)
Wednesday 6 May 2020, 6:00pm

“The concern is about the flow of cars. It’s not about people” –  Raquel Rolnik, urban planner See the change you want to be in this award-winning film. Bikes vs Cars explores what sort of a world we are creating for ourselves, and what could happen if we moved away from car-centric society to a […]

Guardians of the Earth
Filip Antoni Malinowski | 2017
Austria, Germany | 85 min

The Paris Agreement is a milestone in history influencing the next decades. For the first time 195 nations committed to take action against climate change. The film gives insight behind closed doors of the negotiations and reveals the clash of forces, which shape our future: national self-interest against destruction of whole countries, rich versus poor, […]

Just Eat It
Wednesday 11 March 2020, 6:00pm
Greener Kirkcaldy, Kirkcaldy

For this month’s climate cafe, Greener Kirkcaldy will be screening the award-winning documentary Just Eat It. The film showing will be followed by a discussion, and refreshments will be provided.

Nova Ami & Velcrow Ripper | 2018
Canada | 85 min | English

A poem for the planet,  Metamorphosis takes the pulse of our earth and bears witness to a moment of profound change: the loss of one world, and the birth of another.

The Edinburgh Remakery

The Edinburgh Remakery is a social enterprise, community repair hub and second-hand shop based in the Leith area of Edinburgh. Our vision is to create an alternative to a disposable society by making repair education accessible to all, to build a stronger, waste-free community and support vulnerable people within our city.

Edinburgh Tool Library

Edinburgh Tool Library is the UK’s first tool library, promoting sharing as a way of reducing our environmental impact.

We lend our members tools for DIY, gardening, decorating and machine repair, so that they don’t need to own them. Not only does this collaborative approach make sense environmentally, it also helps our members financially.