The Mushroom Speaks
Marion Neumann | 2021
Switzerland | 90 min | 12+ years | English, German, Japanese with English subtitles | Closed Captions

An enchanting exploration of what mushrooms can teach us about being in the world: in solidarity, adaptability, and ways of imagining otherwise.

Karl Malakunas | 2022
Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines... | 94 min | 18+ years | English, Tagalog with English subtitles | Closed Captions

A captivating journey into the El Nido forest, where a group of Filipino land defenders risk their lives fighting for environmental justice.

First Step Swim
Caitlin McMullan | 2021
Scotland | 7 min | 8+ years | No dialogue | Closed Captions

First Step Swim follows Caitlin on a journey of wild swimming as she navigates not only her relationship to her body, but also to the water and space in which she inhabits throughout this short film.

Ãgawaraitá: Amazonian Stories
Priscila Tapajowara | 2021
Brazil | 39 min | 8+ years | Portuguese with English subtitles | Closed CaptionsSubtitles

Priscila Tapajowara weaves together documentary and mythology in two gentle portraits of indigenous and riverine people from the Amazon.