Since April 2018 a group of nine individuals from across Scotland who are connected into different forms of activism and social change have been meeting to develop project ideas in response to the frames of Degrowth and Deep Adaptation.

By Degrowth we mean a form of society and economy that aims at the well-being of all and sustains the natural basis of life. To achieve degrowth, we need a fundamental transformation of our lives and an extensive cultural change. Degrowth implies an equitable redistribution of wealth within and across the Global North and South, as well as between present and future generations. Unless it is just, it is not degrowth.

Deep Adaptation begins from the premise that given current climate predictions social collapse is inevitable in which case how can we as a society ‘deeply adapt’ to these new realities.

Through our various strands of work, we seek to strategically build relationships with and between groups and individuals who are explicitly challenging and exploring alternatives to capitalism, focused on issues of equity and oppression and/or who are environmentally focused in order to help demonstrate and make as visible as possible the interconnected nature of all these challenges.

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