“I liked both films that I came to and the discussions afterwards were really good, especially the one after Born Into Brothels because the audience got really involved and lots of different people spoke. I really enjoyed the Active Inquiry workshop as well, everyone had lots of energy, and it was great to share stories about ‘taking action’…” Audience survey respondent



Take One Action has five key values that are integral to all our ambitions for our audience and underpin how we work and what we seek to uphold in partnership. We seek to be:
INTERNATIONAL. We will programme and curate our events and resources through a global lens, linking Scotland and the UK to the wider world (and vice-versa).

EMPOWERING. We will be celebratory, leaving audiences inspired and connected without shirking from difficult subjects. We will signpost specific and local opportunities for audiences to explore their own transformative relationship to current issues of global concern beyond the screen.

CREATIVE. We will nurture the highest artistic and journalistic standards and push the bounds of cinema experience through innovative events that stimulate and draw on local creative practice to inspire wider engagement.

ACCESSIBLE. We will draw in and go out to new audiences, facilitate welcome, inclusivity, diversity and active participation, and create space for marginalised voices.

QUESTIONNING. We will maintain political neutrality, always being respectful of our audiences’ need for exploration, critical study, accuracy, independence and a non-corporate experience that draws on diverse experiences and expertise in events that value robust debate and probing conversation.


Our values, governance and programming are guided by broader articulations of:

1. Issues of global concern
2. Independence and action
3. Participation
4. Creative and journalistic excellence.

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