The Green Lie
Shared Planet The Bigger Picture Youth Programme
Werner Boote | 2018
Austria | 93 min | 12+ years | English, German with English subtitles | Subtitles

Screened as part of TOAFF18

Environmentally-friendly electric cars, sustainably-produced food products, fair production processes… Can our purchasing power help save the world?

Shared Planet Sisters
Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska | 2019
Macedonia | 85 min | Turkish

When a nomadic family move in and break Honeyland’s basic rule, the last female wild beekeeper in Europe must save the bees and restore natural balance.

Shared Planet
F.Brauch/M. Pujol/K. Tailhades/Y.Thireau/R.Thirion | 2017
France | 6 min

Screened as part of TOAFF19

When marine wildlife has to adapt to the pollution surrounding it, the rules of survival change…

The Last Ice
All Equal? Shared Planet
Scott Ressler | 2019
United States | 83 min | 8+ years | English, Greenlandic, Inuktitut with English subtitles | Closed CaptionsSubtitles

Screened as part of TOAFF20

Visually stunning portrait of two Inuit youth grappling with their future as their communities face the challenges of (neo)colonialism and climate change.

Lost World
Shared Planet
Kalyanee Mam | 2018
Cambodia | 16 min

Screened as part of TOAFF19

Singapore has been dredging sand from beneath Cambodia’s mangrove forests, threatening a fragile ecosystem and a whole community’s way of life with erasure.

Love Your Home
Climate Coalition | 2017
United Kingdom | 1 min | 8+ years | English with English subtitles | Subtitles

Climate change is bringing more storms and flooding, affecting so many of the things that we love. This beautiful animation from the Climate Coalition shows the very real effect that rising temperatures are having on our world.