Announcing Edinburgh Wave Machine
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A brand new Take One Action Film Festivals Local Group is getting underway in Edinburgh, off the back of the organisation’s 2014 festival. For the last few months, a bunch of energetic volunteers have been gathering on Sunday evenings to watch world-changing documentaries together, with the hope of opening these out to the wider public […]

For the Love of…
Noel Lyons | 2014
United Kingdom | 3 min | 8+ years | English

Screened as part of TOAFF14

What do you love? And what’s keeping it here? Climate change is impacting many of the things we love and cherish – but there is still hope

Rani Massalha | 2013
France, Germany, Italy... | 85 min | 12+ years | English, Arabic, Hebrew with English subtitles | Subtitles

When a male giraffe dies after a nocturnal air raid in a Palestinian zoo, the female giraffe stops eating. A boy and his father, the zoo’s vet, look for a solution.

War Witch
Kim Nguyen | 2012
Canada | 90 min | 15+ years | French with English subtitles | Subtitles

African rebels force a village girl join their army, but a miraculous event makes the rebels think she has supernatural powers.

Families reunite to rebuild lives in Scotland
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Scottish Refugee Council, in partnership with the British Red Cross and the Workers Education Association Scotland, is launching a new project aimed at helping the families of refugees settle into Scotland after they have been reunited with their loved ones. The Third Country National Family Integration Service will support the families of refugees through the […]

Film Clubs

Do you love the films we show and wish you could share them with more people? Do you want new ways to engage people in your community with social and environmental issues? Then why not start your own TOA Local Group! Take One Action Locals are community-run film clubs, offering community groups or existing film […]

Our Film Festivals

Since 2008, Take One Action Film Festivals have engaged tens of thousands of people with hundreds of world-class films, showcasing inspiring stories that explore issues of global concern. Each year we run a 12 day festival across Edinburgh & Glasgow, and a three-day weekend festival in Aberdeen & Inverness.