Letter to Sasha
Javier Reverte, Andoni Jaen | 2012
Algeria, Spain | 15 min | 8+ years | Arabic with English subtitles

Fatma, a refugee living in the Algerian desert gets a great idea after listening to the news – to contact one of President Obama’s daughters

The Lazarus Effect
Lance Bangs | 2010
United States | 31 min | English with English subtitles | Subtitles

An inspiring celebration of the positive impact of free antiretroviral drug therapy on HIV positive people in Africa

Lindsay Branham & Jon Kasbe | 2015
United Kingdom | 6 min | French with English subtitles | Subtitles

Two children on opposing sides of Central African Republic’s civil war find an unexpected connection in this visually stunning documentary.

Kafana (Enough, Already!)
Silvia Venegas, Juan Antonio Moreno | 2015
Spain | 72 min | 12+ years | Spanish with English subtitles | Subtitles

Screened as part of TOAFF16

A revealing story about Saharawi refugees who have built up a State based on universal health care and education after 40 years of exile in the Algerian desert.