The Golden Thread
Saturday 23 March 2024, 3:00pm
The Deep End, Glasgow

Take part in a meditative weaving activity during the film, and join us for an informal audience discussion afterwards to explore the intersection of climate justice and labour rights in […]

The Golden Thread
Nishtha Jain | 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Netherlands... | 91 min | 12+ years | English, Bengali, Hindi with English subtitles | Closed Captions

Mesmerising, tactile, and laden with visual poetry, The Golden Thread captures the last vestiges of the jute industry in Kolkata, India: where a few mills have been weaving this sustainable […]

Said the Dove to the Olive Tree
Ryan Dewar | 2022
United Kingdom | 13 min | 8+ years | English, Arabic with English subtitles | Closed Captions

A short spoken word film exploring the complex feelings and identity of a Palestinian diaspora in Scotland. The film captures the intricate balance between the nostalgic romanticism of a homeland […]

Moment of Fury
Samaré Gozal | 2005
Denmark, Iran, Sweden | 10 min | 8+ years | Persian with English subtitles | Subtitles

A powerful exploration of human rights violations in contemporary Iran.

Topics: Human Rights