Edinburgh Tool Library

Edinburgh Tool Library is the UK’s first tool library, promoting sharing as a way of reducing our environmental impact.

We lend our members tools for DIY, gardening, decorating and machine repair, so that they don’t need to own them. Not only does this collaborative approach make sense environmentally, it also helps our members financially.

Interfaith Scotland

Interfaith Scotland is a Scottish charity specialising in promoting and facilitating constructive engagement between different faith and belief communities across Scotland through dialogue, educational activities, civic engagement and the promotion of religious equality.

The Time of Forests
Saturday 23 November 2019, 5:00pm
Eden Court Theatre and Cinema, Inverness

A living forest or a green desert? Tomorrow’s landscape will be defined by the choices we make today.

Gods of Molenbeek
Saturday 23 November 2019, 2:00pm
Eden Court Theatre and Cinema, Inverness

Does God exist? What happens when we die?

Scheme Birds
Saturday 16 November 2019, 8:20pm
Belmont Filmhouse, Aberdeen

Scottish teenager Gemma has never backed down from a fight: that’s the way of life in the housing estate where she grew up, in Motherwell.